With Help From Local Specialists, Small Businesses Discover the Potential of the Cloud

Everything is moving into the clouds. The “cloud,” actually, as despite the fact that there a dizzying number of vendors involved, the whole contemporary phenomenon of moving hardware and software off-site has taken on a singular cast in the vernacular. There is plenty of momentum and pressure to conform at the present time, of course, but many organizations are still wondering just whether, and to what extent, the movement makes sense for them.

Part of the issue is that the early boosters of the cloud were typically far-off companies with little in the way of local perspective. Amazon and Google might be eager to have businesses of all scales around the world making use of their cloud offerings, but that is not to say that small operations are likely to receive the kind of attention and personalized care they might hope for in doing so.

That is changing quickly, however. An insulating layer of locally oriented specialists has sprung up in many places, with longtime information technology experts helping businesses in their own communities navigate the promises and pitfalls of the cloud. These local cloud based IT companies are proving to be just what was needed to help the smallest businesses understand what the cloud can offer to them and to provide the kind of caring, focused service that can help make the transition a productive one.

With all of the pieces in place, then, small businesses, too, are increasingly moving to the cloud and discovering what a difference it can make. Merely making use of off-site data warehousing often turns out to be a big relief for budgets and stress levels, as bulletproof, high performance cloud products of this kind are now a dime a dozen. Backups are similarly attractive, with redundancy of several layers and sorts coming at prices that once would barely have paid for a hard drive.

As cloud service providers get better about targeting their offerings, too, it can be expected that local IT specialists will serve a crucial function in discovering what these new opportunities can do for their clients. With everyone else moving to the cloud, then, there is no reason for small businesses to be left out any longer.