Tips for Selecting a Color Scheme for Your Restaurant Website

Your website will often be the first experience people have with your restaurant. Therefore, you want to choose a color scheme that welcomes web visitors, accurately expresses your brand, and looks great on any device. That’s a tall order for a color scheme, but here are a few tips to help you choose the best one for you.

Consider Your Target Audience

The color scheme you choose should reflect the audience you’re trying to attract to your establishment. For example, if you’re catering to an upscale crowd, then elegant conservative colors like grey, blue, brown, and even white would be ideal. On the other hand, an establishment looking to get college kids through its doors should gravitate towards light or bright colors such as fuchsia, yellow, and cream, which younger people tend to find more attractive.

Choose Accent Colors Wisely

Hopefully you are planning to put examples of some of your food offerings on your website, so look for colors that complement or highlight their deliciousness as well as incite the response you want. For instance, you may want to put a spicy dish on a red background. The color red is associated with danger and passion and is an appetite stimulant, so placing the color around a spicy dish will subconsciously tantalize the viewer.

Consider the Meaning of Colors

As demonstrated with red, different colors have different symbolic significance in society. If you want to tap into your customer’s hidden psyche to drive their behavior, consider using this symbology when choosing the color scheme for your web design.

Some examples of colors and the ideas they are associated with:

Blue – Confidence, business, men (dark blue), young boys (light blue) Pink – Femininity, love, affection, young women and girls Orange – Cheerfulness, joy, sports, athleticism Green – Health, wellness, environment, peacefulness (light green) Purple – Older women, royalty (dark purple), wisdom, creativity (light purple) Yellow – Sunlight, happiness, warmth Black – Mystery, subversion

Red, yellow, and orange are bright colors that stimulate appetites, so it would be a good idea to use at least one of these colors on your website. You can learn more about the psychology of colors by reading this article on HelpScout.

For assistance with choosing the best color scheme for your website, work with an experienced web design firm with a record of success in marketing.