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STD Awareness Facts

Some people believe that they should not be concerned about STDs because they are diseases of the past. Besides, we have modern medicine, and the condoms have ensured that venereal diseases are not transmitted. This is far from the truth since statistics show that STDs are still a record high. Persistent STDs are on the rise in different parts of the world, and it has become increasingly important to create awareness about STDs to prevent further transmissions. Everyone has to understand that if you are sexually active, you are not safe from STDs. Below are some important facts about STD that are important in creating awareness about various venereal diseases.

About 20 million, new STD infections are recorded in the United States. In the same country, more than 110 million men and women have STIs. World over, the young people between ages 15 and 30 accounts for a bigger percentage of the infected population. This is disheartening since young people have so much potential and STDs can reduce this potential. Besides the fact that they are na?ve about STDs, young people have many intimate partners who put them at a greater risk of infection. While these statistics above are from one country, global statistics are mortifying. There are many venereal diseases which have no cure, and you should take care to ensure that you are not part of the above statistics.

Not all STD infections manifest symptoms. This may appear strange but a doctor will tell you that this is true. In health lessons, we are taught that venereal diseases manifest through itching, feeling of a burning sensation and visible lesions. Some venereal diseases are stealthier like herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. They could have virtually no symptoms but can affect your health in significant ways in future. So just because someone does not show the common symptoms, don’t assume that they have no STD.

Although people are encouraged to use latex protection when having intimate relations, protection against STDs is not always guaranteed. Some venereal diseases like herpes and HPV also spread through skin-to-skin contact which means that condoms cannot offer you 100 percent protection. That said, they are very important and can reduce the risk of many of the STDs so never underestimate the essence of wrapping it up. Another important fact is that women are at a higher risk of infection than men. Consequently, women should do their level best to protect themselves from STIs by reducing the number of sex partners. There are also many other STDs that are not common which have worse effects if not discovered and treated on time. Some trip to the doctor now and then is important in helping you take care of your body. While most STDs are treatable, some can be devastating to your body, causing a lot of bodily harm.

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