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How To Prevent Static Current From Destroying Your Computer.

Electricity may occur anywhere and anytime. Static electricity is one of the electricity that can be generated. When you rub your hand on something or get exposed to materials that can generate this current, you may be able to produce one yourself.

It might sound fun and exciting, but if you are dealing with computers, it might become dangerous. The static current is very dangerous to the inside parts of the computer which might destroy them.

There have been cases where people have witnessed a part of the computer destroyed by the current. Even though we might not feel the current ourselves, it is harmful to the computer.

When handling the inside part of the computer, it is better to ensure that the Static control measures are in place. These measures are very crucial especially for those who work on the inside of the computers.

When handling parts that are sensitive to ESD, you should follow the steps below. These steps are important in ensuring that the safety of the computer.

Zero Potential

Maintaining the zero potential between you and your computer when working on the inside of the computer is important. This can be achieved by the continuous touch of the unpainted metal surface that can be found on the power supply case of the computer.


Woolen sweaters are known for conducting this electric current and avoiding them is important.

Disconnect the codes

Make sure that all the codes at the back of the computer are disconnected.

Get The Best Working Position

The best position to be when working on a computer is by standing. Static currency is produced more when you are seated.


Ensure that you are not wearing any jewelry when handling the inside of the computer. If you have your jewelry on, you run a risk of generating the static current at any moment.


If there is a storm, it is better to wait until it passes before working on your computer. The chances of an ESD to occur during a storm are high.

Getting and Antistatic is the best option for those who plan to work on the inside of their computer for more than once. You can purchase a wrist strap, a desk, and a mat.

Computer accessories are known for their sensitivity and when you handle them without care, you might destroy them. Expansion cards and hard discs are among the most affected accessories of the computer. If you want to see a list of the best Antistatic, follow this link.

The Art of Mastering Products

The Art of Mastering Products