Living in the City Has Perks That Are Important to Me

Having a choice in where I pay for services and products means a lot to me. This is because I spent three decades living in a remote place where there really was not much choice. There was no way to choose between different energy providers or even Internet providers. It was the year 2000 before even had a chance to choose from only two different companies to get basic cable service. Prior to that, we had only one choice. Now that I can choose, I find that I love it.

When you do not have a lot of money, having a choice can mean saving extra money. As someone who had not yet graducated from college where I lived previously, it meant that I had to pay the price the cable company set or not get cable at all. This is not the fault of the company that I used at all. In fact, it’s great that they even came to our area to offer service. But because they filled our needs with the small number of people in the community who wanted cable, it really was not necessary for other businesses to move in. I would have loved getting to pick through a few different businesses to go with whichever one was the cheapest.

Later, an Internet profider began selling satellite service in our parts, which was fantastic because no one else was offering that service. But if you happened to not like the service, then you had no options outside of sticking with them. I ended up moving at some point, and it was pretty amazing to suddenly have so many different services to choose from because that is the norm when it comes to life in a much larger city. I was recently able to go through what three different energy providers had to offer and pick my favorite one. That was such a comfort.