Is There An Alternative To Traditional Electric Power? What Consumers Should Know About Energy Development

The majority if people in the United States use electricity to power their homes and provide lighting, heating and cooling, and to power devices such as appliances and computers. For most people, energy is a necessary resource, but it is only generated and distributed by one provider – the government. Each state has a government run power company that all customers must use if they want to provide energy for their homes. While the cost of this energy distribution is not entirely unaffordable, the prices fluctuate throughout the year with no prior warning, and no recourse for the customer because they do not have the ability to choose another energy provider. For this reason, some people look for ways to obtain cheaper or free energy in order to power their homes.

To meet this demand for lost cost energy, there have been several people and companies that claim to have invented a free energy device that consumers can use to satisfy their electricity needs. However, no device on the market has been proven to work without some kind of prohibitive problem that was not revealed by the maker before sale. Consumers should be weary of anyone claiming to have “secret” plans for a free energy device that they will sell to them for a specified amount of money. Some devices may even have excellent customer reviews, but oftentimes, these reviews are planted by the manufacturer to entice customers. It is true that their are legitimate companies researching and testing devices that could change the way people get and use energy in their homes, but so far, no one has been able to create anything that sticks.

The best way for people to get low cost energy is to look into existing sources such as solar panels and geothermal power. Solar panels can be installed on most homes, and while the initial start-up cost can be a bit high, the homeowner will save hundreds of dollars or more per year on energy costs. Geothermal power can be used to heat and cool homes, and is so efficient at regulating air temperature and venting that it actually creates a sterile air environment, free of allergens and pollutants in the home. People who are interested in the idea of free energy should look into legitimate companies that are researching and developing new ideas for this concept, and to contribute to them financially, if possible.