Increase the Caliber of Your Recordings with a Pop Filter

Frequently, if creating music, you discover swift moving air-flow on the microphone disrupts your sound recordings since it creates a popping sound. With the use of some sort of pop filtration system, any sound is filtered out and the thumping or popping sound experience isn’t an issue. An additional benefit of making use of the pop filtration system is that it really helps to stop saliva from accumulating on your mike, and that’s beneficial as salts located in the spittle are actually harsh and can cut short the lifespan of your microphone. A specific pop filter has been created for a Blue Yeti mic, yet they do not fit correctly, leading Auphonix to develop a Blue Yeti pop filter which actually really works.

The pop filter for the Blue Yeti microphone, at, readily connects with the mic and may be used in a wide range of other areas, such as on a laptop or computer along with other flat surface types. Developed with the Blue Yeti in their mind, the filtration system won’t harm this mike not to mention no holes must be drilled. The reason this pop filtration device truly stands out is with the style and design as you can conveniently attach the device on any rectangular or square mic arm, as opposed to the majority of pop filter systems that have been made for utilization with tubular mic stands.

By using the Blue Yeti microphone pop filtration system (, you will find distortion no longer is a issue, yet vocal quality isn’t influenced. Difficult plosives go away which means you end up getting skilled, clean tracks each time. A dual screen mesh ensures the audio recordings are really outstanding but the purchase price is extremely reasonable. One particular key benefit of this product is this allows you to locate this apparatus in a way that is easiest for your needs. Many elect to order from Amazon because a bonus offer e-book arrives with the apparatus.

Choose the pop filtration system created for the Blue Yeti through Amazon and you’re presented with a great e-book which actually provides you with hints and strategies to make sure every last audio recording works out just as you imagined. This, along with the one hundred percent, one year money-back guarantee, makes for an amazing device, one that helps you achieve superb recordings all the time. Check out the Blue Yeti pop filtration system right away as you are guaranteed to be floored.