I Am Going to Try My Hand at Real Estate

I figure that this is not something that is going to be easy and it is going to be pretty difficult to make sure you do it right. The trick in this sort of housing rental thing is pretty obvious. You want to be able to find a place that is cheap and it is going to be cheap because it needs something. You are going to have to know how to fix a place up without losing your shirt. The big thing is going to be how well you inspect the place. My Dad told me about this place he worked on once. They looked under the house and found the floor joists under the house were held up by car jacks. He laughed at the guy that had bought the house without looking under it and told me that I should remember that. You have to look at every aspect of the building, where it is situated. Like for example there was a house down the street where the floors fell in because they had let the foundation get washed away.

At any rate I am looking for small houses that do not need too much work done to them, or more particularly that do not need any of the many things that I am not able to do. At any rate I am looking for small places, because my budget is going to be small. The idea is clear enough, but the problem is going to be whether or not I can execute this or not. You have to look at the cost of every move that you make. My time is not going to be that big of a thing, but there has to be a practical limit to that as well. For starters you need to get money coming in.