How to Monitor Police Radio Frequencies

Although this activity is not legal in all states, many people engage in scanning police radio frequencies. While some do it out of curiosity, some people have professional reasons for buying and using these devices. Scanner communities now have even more ways to listen to the communications of emergency services agencies. There are even suppliers that can help with choosing the right device. If you have problems with programming, their staff will handle this for you.

Whether or not you are new to scanning these frequencies, it is wise to invest in the type of system that gives you more options. Since these devices are so lightweight, with some being roughly the size of a cellular phone, you can take them anywhere. Since features and prices vary, you should get expert advice from sellers or people in the scanner community on the best one for your needs.

Buying a Digital Scanner

While there are different types of scanners available, more people are leaning towards the use of digital scanners. These devices are highly efficient, but that is not the only reasons why they are now so widely used. The chief advantage of digital scanner is that it allows you to listen in on both analog and analog trunking communications. With a conventional analog scanner for example, you can only listen to FM radio bands and a few AM bands. This is useful for people who live in areas that still use analog communications for their emergency services.

Digital scanners vary in price, and some come with many more features than other types. Your decision should be influenced by the features that you think you will need. Some devices allow you to store over 1,000 frequencies, while others have thousands of specially allocated channels. You can refine your scan based on location, and some types have GPS features. With some of these devices, all you have to do is enter a zip code, and you will be instantly connected to emergency communications in that region. A scanner that you can control with your smart-phone is also worth considering. Before you commit to a particular type of scanner, ensure that you will not be violating the law by using it. In some states, the use of scanners is allowed, and in other areas they can be used with certain restrictions.