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How Music Can Be Beneficial During Meditation

There are many people who considers mediation as difficult even though they haven’t tried it. Maybe these people were discouraged about mediation when they saw women wearing leotards performing difficult body postures. Thankfully, mediation can be easy at some point.

There are lots of types of yoga that originated from different schools of Buddhism and Hinduism. There are yoga which mainly focus on the physical body, while others are more mental in nature which aims to connect the spirit and the mind. Therefore, the body twisting and bending that we see on pictures is just a type of yoga and if you can’t do it, then you can find other types that will suit to you. So, if you feel that a certain yoga is difficult for you, don’t hesitate to find another type that will suit to you.

In the world of yoga, music has become essential because it helps the individual feel relaxed and ready to perform the yoga. The new age music has become one of the most used music during meditation. The music that can be used for yoga can vary from rhythm, texture, and many more. For those who have just started yoga, it’s recommended that you choose a music that is not too busy but atmospheric. This is to avoid much distractions while you’re still learning different methods of meditation and so that your mind will be relaxed and become peaceful.

For your first meditation, you can sit in a chair and you may face your hands up or down, whichever seems comfortable to you. You can light candles and put incense inside the room to help you feel calm and become more focus during meditation. If the surroundings are very noisy, you will surely be distracted, that’s is why it’s recommend that you use a headphone and listen to a more calming and relaxing music. Once the music started, free your mind from any thoughts that can take away your focus from your meditation. Closing your eyes is the best way to get more focus with what you do. After you are ready while the music is playing, you can do different breathing techniques. The first thing you can do is to breath deeply and don’t release it yet. Then, release your breath in a slow and calm manner, then repeat the process. Repeat this as long as you want, and if you notice that your mind strays, focus on the lighted candle. Others suggest that you utter words that will make you feel that you are connected with God. You can choose the word that you think can draw your mind in what you do.

You must do this method as long as you feel is needful. In conclusion, mediation is very easy if you’re able to find the kind that suits to your preferences, and with the aid of music, it has become even more easy.

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