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Things to Consider When Using Drones for Aerial Video Production

Helicopter drones are the new trend of today for producing videos. Different businesses like real estate, construction, action-sports, and the film industry are now using this new technology to create beautiful aerial shots. Although now there are many more uses of aerial videos but these mentioned were the first to adopt this new trend. There are factors to consider when you choose to do some aerial shooting. If you want to have a successful aerial video production, then follow the tips below.

Weather should be considered when doing aerial video shooting. Do not try to video shoot during windy days and shooting is best done in the morning. If there is a gust of wind encountered, drones can makes the video shots somewhat shaky.

There are different types of drones, and it is important to consider what type you will use. If you want the least expensive ones, these are quadcopters. If you want something small and lightweight, use a quadcopter. However, though very convenient to use, quadcopters have no support system that can control a rolling camera. A gimbal is what this support system is called. With a gimbal drone movement will not be noticed and it can also pan and tilt the camera. If you want to get movie quality shots, the helicopter drone should have a gimbal. A hexacopter with a stead gimbal is said to be the best choice for flawless video shots. The hexacopter has extra propellers and it heavier than the quadcopter, and because of this, it is much more stable.

Good quality video shots can be done if you camera is the lightest one possible. The battery limitations of a hexacopter only allows flight for eight to ten minutes when carrying a DSLR camera. There are longer minutes of flying when the camera is a go -pro. Choosing a camera will all depend on how you want to use it or what you want to film. You should use the best lightweight camera for high quality, beautiful shots. Cameras with good image quality should be used. It will be very practical to bring extra battery packs if the filming is scheduled for the whole day.

Whatever the drone is filming should be seen by its operator to get the best shots. Operators should be monitoring the filming the drone is making so a good wireless monitoring system is needed. It is best to have two drone operators and two monitors for the aerial video system, one for each remote control. The first operator takes charge of controlling the drone while the other one uses the remote to adjust the camera tilt and pan.

It is important also to consider the safety factor. Drones are prohibited from being flown within 5miles of airports or over crowded areas.