Choosing the Wrong Web Host can Kill Your Website

No responsible businessperson would hand over control of their business to an unknown person in a third world country. Yet that is exactly what many people do when they are enticed by some cheap web hosting offers. Huge amounts of server space and all the domains ever needed are hard to supply for a few dollars a month. The servers may be worked to capacity, very old and poorly maintained with poor or no backups (spelling ‘downtime’), bandwidth might be restricted at peak hours and there may be no telephone support.

Webmasters and internet entrepreneurs sometimes get entangled in the minutia of managing a website, forgetting that the web host can be causing some of the problems they are trying to correct. Any website problem is costing money in lost sales, lost ad revenue or both. Customers and visitors are impatient; if they don’t get instant responses, they are more inclined to move on than to wait.

Site speed is included as a factor in Google rankings, but huge graphics, too many animations and third party site elements are some of the features that can slow down the site. Tweaking the site is never-ending, but don’t forget to investigate the host.

No one ever wants to attempt to access their site and see the dreaded “bandwidth limit exceeded!” or another equally disturbing error message. Down time costs in every way possible. Google will slam the site if it’s down for a few days by removing it from the index. When the site is back up, it is considered unreliable and ranked lower. A lot of hard work and money was just thrown out.

WordPress sites are vulnerable to “database connection failed” errors. This usually happens when a new article has become very popular and might crash the site completely. “Internal server error” is a related error message that may indicate failed database connection on WordPress sites, but on other sites doesn’t really give any clues as to the real problem.

Website Host Critic reviews web hosting providers and can be tremendously helpful when selecting a host. The difference in price between a problematic provider and a dependable web host is not usually significant when compared to the damage that can be done by a poor web host. Check out and find out how they can help you make the right hosting decision for your website.