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Five Photoshop Tools that are Great

Whether you are a professional photographer or you enjoy photography as a hobby using the Photoshop tools will enhance your images. The fantastic features of the Photoshop software brings out the best elements of the photos. The photos’ lighting will be improved while the colors and graphics used will be enriched. The fact that the Photoshop software is very beneficial does not mean it will be easy to use for a first time user, it has a learning curve before one becomes an expert photo editor. The right skills and this should be learnt by a new photo editor if they want to reduce frustrations and save on time while using the program. The various Photoshop tools and tips that can be used for your advantage are brought to light in this article.

The first Photoshop tool is the overlay feature. This tool helps in mastering the photo lighting effects that should be learnt. Getting the most natural photography lighting is the most difficult task to do. Despite this, the photos’ lighting can be easily enhanced using the effective overlay feature. A photo editor can easily darken or lighten an image using the using the overlay feature. You will be able to adjust the opacity of the photo once the gray layer has been casted over the photo by the overlay feature. This feature can be used by accessing layers panel and alt- clicking the new layer icon. Set the blend mode there to overlay. The fill with box should be checked for you to be able to create the gray layer. The brush tool will paint and a 10% opacity should be used.

Matching the colors of a couple of photos placed together needs to be done so that the images are in line with the brand designs. Using the Photoshop tool, duplicate the background image layer, select filter> blur > average. Place the new layer above the previous then right click new layer and select the ‘create clipping mask’. To reduce the opacity use the overlay feature. Portraits became very attractive when the Photoshop tools are used on them. A portrait can be made to pop by adding a black and white adjustment layer. Lastly, select the Soft Light blend mode.

Luminosity can be used to control the color brightness. The adjustment layer is a very helpful feature to bring out attractive colors. Adjust the blend mode of the layer to luminosity after adding the adjustment layer to the photo. To change the color ranges, drag the sliders. To find color boundaries as you make selection, make use of the magnetic lasso tool. By checking the magnetic option you turn the freeform pen tool magnetic.