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The life of the earth cannot be measured as to how it would ends. How would the earth behaves would tend to be attributed from the interaction of itself to the human beings as their personal protectors. Relatively, the earth’s life uncertainly could be highly compared into the difficulties experienced by the mankind which are also deemed unexpected. In life, human beings are confronted with series of unfortunate events which had essentially changed their mindset or put it in the same way, changed how they look and interpret the world. Life is indeed a rosary which is fully of mystery since it does not give us any clue about what could possibly happen with our lives days from now so we are just expected to behave with confusion about our ends. Life is unpredictable that there would come out a time that every is seen to be embraced with extreme happiness and at some other time will have corresponding sadness or madness which could really ruin the entire day. You started to question everything and even yourself about the reasons why universe kept on doing such erratic things to everyone’s lives. what could have atleast influence the ongoing mysteries which people are experiencing nowadays?

The science and technology have advances almost everything and in the same way implies that we could no longer just put all the burden in the shoulder of the starts in the milky way to predict the possible situations which may happen in the upcoming future. The science advancement admits that it could still not find out how does the universe really works so it had decided to tie the crown for this problem still to the pseudoscience of astrology.

Astrology, as the common pseudoscience invention, reiterates the very interesting idea that the position or the shapes of the stars in the galaxy could brought some meaning to the life of the universe, most especially the destiny of human existence. However, the are also some of the newly inventors or scientists who believed that astrology came out from the doors of the hard science. The astrology concept had started its way down the road from the influence of the ancestors and followers of the Ancient civilization of Babylonia during the nineteenth century BC. As a matter of discovery, most philosophers, political and great, including Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle had known astrology way before that it could certainly help every human beings predict weather, agricultural harvest and disasters as well.A Quick History of Guides

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